About Us

Husband and wife team, James & Teanna design and create unique high quality handcrafted timber essential oil storage stands + luxe essential oil shelves for your home, office, store  or business.

We started this business in 2017 with no prior experience in the wood working industry. Like many others who begin a low-tox or essential oil journey we quickly found ourselves with a ton of essential oils and nowhere to put them.  We couldn’t find anything for the modern home  that allowed our oils to be on display and accessible for daily use so we simply just created it.

We designed and created ONE stand and kept perfecting our skills and knowledge and we outgrow that stand and designed a small collection for around our home over time our hobby became our passion and after a lot of friends and word of mouth selling us out of out stands we knew we had created something special and Oil + Oak Creations became our business and in September 2019 became Teanna’s full time job.

We personally design all of our stands + handcraft them with love from our NEW Melbourne based Warehouse which we moved into at the end of 2020 before that our home was our HQ.

Our pieces are made using NSFP ethically sourced + sustainable  Tasmanian Oak Timber, we try to use as much recyclable or compostable packaging when possible.

We specialise in unique designs, modern essential oil storage and custom pieces based on our clients needs and are constantly adding new pieces to our collection including essential oil accessories, diffusers, oil pouches ect.

We are looking to expand our collection into other home and decor pieces soon.

After a decade in the IT industry, i have found a passion for creating and thrive on the challenges of working in a new industry and making designs come to life.

With a love for design and a creative mind, I love coming up with new unique designs for Oil + Oak to bring to life. I am also the face behind a lot of the day to day business operations. Packaging, social media, stockists, wrapping and posting all your beautiful orders, not only a creative mind i have been known to head into the workshop now and then.

Loves to put on boots and help Mum & Dad in the workshop. He is a professional saw dust collector.