About Us

Husband and wife team, James & Teanna design and create unique handcrafted timber pieces for your home, office or business. On the mission to reduce chemicals and toxins from our household and family we started using Doterra Essential Oils and found ourselves with quite a stash, with nowhere to store them James started making stand after stand for our growing collection and we found something we both love doing, James perfected his work and our hobby has turned into our business. We personally design our stands + handcraft them from our very own home.

Our pieces are made using Tasmanian Oak Timber 

We specialise in custom pieces based on our clients needs and are constantly adding new pieces to our collection.

We are looking to expand our collection into other home and decor pieces soon.

After a decade in the IT industry, i have found a passion for creating and thrive on the challenges of working in a new industry.

With a love for design and a creative mind, I love coming up with new unique designs for James to bring to life. Not only a creative mind, I have been known to head into the workshop now and then.

Loves to put on boots and help Mum & Dad in the workshop. He is a professional saw dust collector.